Therapeutic injections offer our patients a non-surgical option to temporarily relieve their pain and discomfort caused by inflammation. Common conditions that can benefit from these injections are inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, gout, tendonitis, and nerve entrapment.

Unlike most primary care doctors, Dr. McKenzie of Coastal Concierge Internal Medicine is specially trained to provide pain-relieving injections for a variety of conditions that cause great discomfort. Our pain management services are handled right here in our office making it much more convenient than seeing a specialist who usually has a long waiting list.

Primary Care Doctor Offering Targeted Pain Relief for Chronic Conditions & Injuries

For patients looking to relieve their musculoskeletal pain, our focused treatment targets the source of the discomfort. These injections may prevent or delay the need for surgical intervention or oral medications. Dr. McKenzie tries to minimize the need for oral medications that may compromise the patient’s over health or cause brain fog.  Treatment options to reduce pain and inflammation are based on your specific condition and needs.

Drug-Free Pain Management

Many adults with chronic pain prefer pain relief treatments without using prescription medications or opting for surgery. Therapeutic injections can reduce pain for several months up to one year. At CCIM, we provide trigger point injections, joint injections, and nerve blocks to help manage your pain without the side effects that are associated with pain medication.

We understand that living with acute or chronic pain can make things like working, taking care of your home, or spending time with your family almost impossible to bear. With the help of injections, Dr. McKenzie can reduce your daily discomfort so you can get back to living your life and doing the things you enjoy with the people you love. Call us today for a pain management appointment or schedule a consultation to see if therapeutic injections are right for you.

Which Injection is Right For Me?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to therapeutic injections. Some patients treat their pain with injections after other treatments fail while others enhance the effectiveness of other treatments by combining them with therapeutic injections.

Types of Injections

Trigger Point Injections

Treatment for Stiff, Painful Muscles

If you’ve injured or overused a specific muscle or group of muscles, muscle spasms develop causing severe pain and restricting mobility. Trigger point injections treat muscle spasms and myofascial pain syndrome, a condition that causes pain in the connective tissue surrounding the muscles. Perfect for neck, lower back, and headache pain.

Joint Injections

Instant & Long Term Pain Relief from Chronic Conditions

If pain medications and physical therapy haven’t given you relief from joint pain or arthritis, injections may be right for you. A solution of anesthetic and corticosteroid is injected directly into damaged joint tissue possibly relieving your pain and improving your range of motion. Joint injections can be used in knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, and more.

Therapeutic Nerve Blocks

Disrupts Pain Signaling To Reduce Discomfort

Constant pain can become debilitating for some patients that suffer severely. Nerve blocks are a combination of local anesthetic and steroids injected around the affected nerve. This can help with controlling pain, improving function, and increasing the patient’s quality of life. Usually, this type develops when a nerve is inflamed or pressed on by overlying swollen tissue. The goal is to define the specific spot where the pain originates and eliminate the swelling in this area. It is often used to treat migraine headaches, abdominal pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatic nerve pain.