At Coastal Concierge Internal Medicine, we strongly believe that your health shouldn’t suffer because traditional primary care falls short. Our membership-based services are intended to prevent health issues instead of treating them after they arise. Dr. McKenzie and her staff will work with you to create a healthcare plan as well as the encouragement you need to continue the program.

Primary Care Doctor Offering Personalized, Preventative Healthcare

Dr. McKenzie, a concierge physician, provides all the same services that a traditional primary care physician can including lab tests and annual wellness exams. Treatment and wellness plans are specific to each patient because not every approach works for everyone. We also offer comprehensive healthcare screenings, diagnostic testing, and minor urgent care services like sick visits, stitches, wound care, and treatment for skin conditions. Other services, such as therapeutic joint injections and cosmetic procedures, are also available. All of this is performed by the doctor who knows you best and cares the most.

Private Medical Care Designed to Improve Patient-Physician Relationships

One of the major differences patients find once in our care is the time that the doctor spends with them. Dr. McKenzie establishes a relationship with every patient she sees and advocates for them even beyond her office. She gets to know them personally while establishing a medical history. Once a healthcare baseline has been created, an individualized plan can be designed to address the patient’s health issues.

If being seen by a physician that is accessible, knowledgeable, and delivers thoughtful, genuine care is appealing to you, then Coastal Concierge Internal Medicine is the right fit. Call us today to schedule an appointment with the medical professionals who put your health first.

We provide a wide range of medical services beyond what doctors offer in a conventional healthcare setting. In our concierge medical program, members receive benefits such as same or next-day appointments, 24/7 access to your doctor or staff, unhurried appointments that begin on time, and your doctor’s undivided attention. You’ll receive all the advice, resources, and encouragement you need to reach and maintain your personal healthcare goals.

Internal Medicine

Dr. McKenzie is an internal medicine doctor, not just primary care, family practice, or general practitioner. What she has to offer is 27 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating difficulties, and serious, and chronic diseases. She believes in getting to the source of the problem and fixing this instead of putting band-aids on the symptoms. Being an internist is difficult these days because of so many primary care requirements and demands issued by medicare and insurance companies. Many times patients can go undiagnosed or mistreated for years because the doctor simply doesn’t have the time to investigate the big picture and diligently read through all the medical records. A true internal medicine doctor is a specialist in making “Diagnosis”.

Dr. McKenzie is known for her ability to handle complex cases and does the research necessary to treat the patient’s individual conditions. She believes in getting to the root of the problem and never giving up, old age is not a diagnosis. There is quite a bit of difference in healing the patient versus treating the patient. Dr. McKenzie is a “Healer”.

She has extensive experience and expertise in handling serious acute and chronic conditions.

  1. Diabetes type I, II, and 1.5
  2. Heart: Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension, Arrhythmias, and Vascular Disease
  3. Lungs: COPD, Interstitial Pulmonary Disease, Pulmonary HTN, and Asthma
  4. Migraine Headaches- a multitude of options for acute and prophylactic treatment
  5. Thyroid Disease: Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Nodules
  6. Arthritis- both inflammatory and osteo
  7. Liver Disease- hepatitis from virus, alcohol, or fatty liver
  8. Obesity- there are medications that can help in weight loss
  9. Skin- management of a rash, shingles, or skin cancer
  10. Autoimmune disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  11. Psychiatric- Depression, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD