Our membership-based medical concierge services provide a unique opportunity for a custom-tailored, proactive approach to healthcare. As a member, your doctor coordinates all of your healthcare needs and advocates on your behalf in a multitude of various medical situations, such as hospitalization, emergency room visits, urgent care, specialty care, and your pharmacy. Along with ongoing care, Dr. McKenzie and her staff also offer a variety of services including cosmetic procedures, wound care, and therapeutic injections for pain and skin care.

Primary Medical Care

Our innovative healthcare model offers patients exclusive access to personalized and prevention-focused care. You’ll see your doctor at every visit, which is perfect for those with a complex health history.

Skin Procedures

Comprehensive dermatological treatment for skin conditions from the most common to the more serious ailments. We offer in-office consultations and biopsies along with a variety of skin care procedures.

Cosmetic Procedures

Personalized aesthetic skin care services keeps your skin beautiful and healthy. Procedures include non-surgical, anti-aging solutions such as wrinkle reducers and dermal fillers to improve the look of your skin.

Wound Care

Reduce complications and promote faster healing with our specialized wound care plans tailored to your needs. We offer bandage and dressing changes as well as proper care for most complex wounds and injuries.

Therapeutic Injections

Move pain-free again without a trip to the specialist. Dr. McKenzie provides therapeutic joint injections, trigger point injections and nerve blocks to manage pain and inflammation due to arthritis, disease or injuries.

Obesity/Weight Loss

Many medical conditions are related to obesity and weight loss is the panacea of treatments to have less stress on your joints, breathe better, have better circulation, better movement ability, and lower blood pressure.