Chronic skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea can be physically and psychologically painful and debilitating. There are easily thousands of conditions that can affect the skin. Each can present on your skin in a multiple of ways; even the same skin disorder can look different from person to person. That means there is no one-size-fits-all solution to skin issues but Dr. McKenzie will create a treatment plan to give you relief.

Coastal Concierge Internal Medicine provides medical care for acne-prone skin, skin growths and infections as well as convenient in-office treatments that include abscess drainage, sutures and biopsies.

Primary Care Doctor Offering Treatment of Dermatological Skin Conditions

Most dermatological procedures are able to be done in-office quickly and non-invasively. Biopsies, including punch, shave and excision are performed to confirm or rule out a diagnosis such as skin cancer or a fungal skin infection. Methods such as curettage, cyst excision and skin tag removal are also done in-office along with suturing. Many of our services negate the need to see a dermatological specialist unless it becomes necessary to escalate the treatment.

Skin Disorder Management in West Palm Beach

Chronic skin conditions often are not curable but they can be managed with prescription medications and careful observation by Coastal Concierge Internal Medicine. To maintain control of your skin issues including inflammation, irritation and rashes, we often prescribe topical therapy, systemic medications or a combination of both.

We understand that some skin conditions can be debilitating or cause pain. By obtaining a definitive diagnosis, Dr. McKenzie can help manage your skin, reduce breakouts or remove bothersome skin tags. If you are experiencing skin discomfort or require treatment to control an existing condition, call us today to schedule an appointment.