What Are the Benefits of a Concierge Doctor?

The whole idea behind concierge primary care is patient-centric medicine that focuses on improving care and convenience for you, the patient. This membership-medicine model prioritizes you. Think of it as a country club membership for your health with personalized programs that address your specific medical needs. You may still be wondering why this is a better system than the conventional type of primary care you’re accustomed to.

Healthcare Available When You Need It

Have you ever tried to make a sick appointment with a conventional doctor’s office only to be told the first available time slot is 3 or more weeks away? With concierge medical care, you have access to your doctor and their staff when you need it. Your appointment will either be the same day or the next day. In some cases, a telehealth visit may be all that’s needed to assess what is ailing you. Either way, you will see your usual doctor as soon as possible.

Better Patient-Physician Relationships

Many practices have created a system where patients see whichever staff doctor or nurse practitioner is available. This healthcare model puts the focus on seeing as many patients as possible. You may see the doctor for about 10 minutes. That’s hardly time to explain anything beyond the basics. Concierge medicine gives doctors and patients the time to ask questions, express concerns and build a relationship.

Spending more time with patients allows doctors to get a better understanding of who you are, what your lifestyle is and what your medical history is. This model gives doctors the opportunity to make true diagnoses and create a treatment plan, even if part of their care is with specialists. Your concierge doctor will stay in communication with other doctors providing your care while ensuring you are getting the proper care needed.

Long-Term Prevention for Better Life-Long Health

Concierge doctors see fewer patients throughout the day which enables them to spend at least 30-45 minutes with you. Even physicals at a concierge practice are more in-depth than a traditional annual physical. The additional time allows you to discuss current ailments as well as your long-time health goals. With a concierge practitioner as your primary care doctor, you’ll be treated proactively by developing a long-term plan to stay healthy and meet your goals along the way.

Personalized Medical Care Benefits Everyone

Choosing a concierge doctor can benefit you regardless of your age or health. If you are a patient that requires extra care, you’ll find comfort in having a doctor who is familiar with your condition and continues to manage your care beyond their office. Healthy patients can also find value in membership medicine because of the focus on prevention and overall wellness. No matter where you are in your health journey, the benefits of personalized medical care only work when you have a personal relationship with a doctor who knows you and that you trust.

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